Online games are videogames played mostly or in part over the Internet on computers such as consoles and PCs. They are a major industry and have become a mainstay of the modern gaming platforms. They have expanded into many genres such as first-person shooting, strategy games, and massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

The online game industry generates billions of dollars annually with the most well-known online games attracting millions of players worldwide. The games are designed with social networking features to draw more players and increase their revenue. Some operate on a monthly basis, where players pay monthly fees to play the game. Some also offer in-game items that can be purchased using real money.

Certain studies have shown that those who are addicted to online games can suffer from serious mental health problems. They lose control over their lives and become enthralled by the virtual game they are playing. They don’t get enough sleep or eat properly and have difficulty concentrating at school and work. This is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Games on the internet are often seen as harmful, but a few studies have proven that they can be beneficial in many ways. They can help people relieve tension, have fun and make new acquaintances. In addition, certain online games can even be educational. When you play online games for too long could result in obesity, poor posture and eye problems. Certain games have violent content that can make children to become aggressive.

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